Did You Know? All About Wine Aerators.

Posted to Product Highlights & Ideas | 19/10/2017

Here’s your chance to get a little closer to being a wine snob (unless you’re already there) and impress your *less sophisticated* friends with your wine knowledge.


We offer several wine-related products as corporate gifts and promotional products, but many of our customers have told us that they just don’t know enough about wine to invest in gifts like that. So, to clear the water and break the ice, here’s a few things you probably didn’t know about wine aeration.


What is aeration?

The process of aerating wine is commonly referred to as "letting the wine breathe." Most of us pour the wine into a glass and swirl it around. While this may seem “wine snobbish”, it does allow the wine to expand, and coat the glass, releasing the aromas and complexities of the wine, and enhancing our experience.

Exposing wine to oxygen can improve the taste and aroma. The wine has been kept in a relatively oxygen free environment inside its bottle, so the reintroduction of oxygen can greatly alter and enhance it. However, not all wines need to breathe, and in some cases, they should not.

The purpose of a wine aerator is to allow the wine to breathe, since it’s been sitting in an oxygen-free bottle for an extended period of time. It expands the surface area of the wine, as you’re pouring it.

It also softens the tannins in the wine to bring out it’s intended flavor.


Wait, what’s a tannin?

Well, tannins are chemicals found in grape seeds and skin that determine a wine’s dryness or stringency/sweetness. Red wines usually are more tannic (dry), because winemakers use more of the skin to produce a deep red color.

Tannins are also great as a natural antioxidant!


But which wines should be allowed to aerate?

As a rule of thumb, most red wines should be aerated, while almost all white wines don’t usually need it. Less expensive wines usually won’t benefit from an aerator, because they haven’t been aged for very long.

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