How To Get Your Promotional Products Business On Social Media in 6 Easy Steps!

Posted to Marketing Tips, Tools & Tricks | 19/10/2017

Social media is often overlooked in our industry - but, take a look at some of your competition. They're all investing time and effort into it.

Why? Because it offers the widest array of metrics, reach, and most in-depth analytics about your audience that we have ever seen. And even though Social Media is a relatively new concept for our industry (and in general), it’s rapid rise to power has made it an extremely valuable asset to promotional products businesses across the world.

Social media is as effective as, if not more so, than other platforms of marketing because it’s a casual space with a like-minded, targeted audience with a large opportunity to engage with your customers. People generally don’t like being sold to, and that’s what makes Social Media Marketing so effective – you don’t need to be in peoples’ faces to sell! Just knowing that you are there, and seeing your business’ name and product posts once in a while is enough to push your product or services.

Not to mention the potential market for influencer marketing – which is when people with large social followings give your brand a positive review – this leads to all of their followers becoming your new audience!


But how do you fully take advantage of your social media accounts? Especially in an industry of “boring” promotional products?

In this guide, you’re going to learn 6 easy and quick steps to effectively creating an online social media strategy that will work to your business’ benefit!


1: Pick a profile name.

Sometimes your name will have to be abbreviated – for example, “Tim’s Supply and Demand Promotional Products” may work well on LinkedIn and Facebook, but will be too long for Instagram – pick something short, sweet, and to-the-point – like “@timspromos”.


2: Completely fill out the "About" section.

Remember to include what it is exactly that your business does, when you started (if there is an option to add this), and your website (highly important). This helps people who stumble across your page to know what and who you are.


3: Hire some good graphic designers.

Good design and photography goes a very long way. Make sure to use high-resolution photos for your profile photo, and always upload a captivating “Banner” image. The banner, on most social media accounts, is a way to personalize your page so that you can stand out from the crowd. Hiring a skilled graphic designer to do this for you is the best option.


4: Create a content schedule.

Make sure to post according to your schedule – it helps to do some research regarding when the best times to post will be, so that you know the best times to schedule your content.


5: ... and stick to your schedule!

Stick to your schedule! This is one of the most important parts of social media for businesses – people will be expecting things from you, and you will not want to be letting them down. Make sure that you post consistently. We’ve all clicked on links from a company’s website to their blog/social media accounts only to realize that their last post was from 2013. Don’t be that company!


6: Use a social media scheduling tool.

Hootsuite is a great start – it allows you to publish things across all social media platforms from one, user-friendly dashboard. Other great social media tools are Tweetdeck, Sprout Social, and Buffer.


Now that you have what you need to get started with Social Media make sure to follow us on ours so we can stay connected! We promise we only share super cool, industry-related stuff.

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