High Caliber Line U.S. Buys High Caliber Line of Canada!

Posted to Internal Events, News & More | 22/01/2018

 Breaking news for Canadian Distributors!

As of 12/4/2017  High Caliber Canada’s production and inside operations have been merged into High Caliber’s USA’s in Irwindale California.


Wait... what does this mean for you?

As a Canadian Distributor, you now have access to all of HCL USA’s features! Now, you can enjoy all of the same luxuries as our U.S. distributors! These new features include all of the following points:


1. View Canadian pricing on our website!

That’s right - you can now toggle between U.S. and C.A. pricing directly from our website!

If you purchase at the Canadian price, the duty and taxes to Vancouver BC or Toronto, CA is included. Once the shipment arrives into Canada, You can choose to use your own shipper number or be billed for freight from either of those FOB points.


2. More buying options!

You have options now on how to buy! You can purchase directly from HCL USA, at the USA lower rate if you provide a shipper # to cover freight, duties and taxes for international shipping to Canada. You pay in US Dollars.


3. Higher inventory levels!

Now that Canadian Distributors have access to High Caliber Line USA, you now have access to High Caliber USA division's very large inventory levels.


4. Ship directly from China!

All FD and Sourcing orders will ship from China directly to you in Canada!


5. Net 30 Day terms!

Enjoy High Caliber Line USA’s Net 30 Day terms with approved credit.


We're very excited to better serve our Canadian distributors.

To contact HCL Canada, please use the following contact information:


phone: (604) 536-3833  |  (866) 536-9100

fax: (604) 536-3813

email: info@highcaliberline.ca  |  art@highcaliberline.ca

When calling in, ask for our award winning Canadian team of customer service representatives -  Maureen Rosales, and Silvia Gonzalez. For all sales projects, be sure to ask for Tiffiany Fontenot.