Say Hello To The NEW & IMPROVED High Caliber Line!

Posted to Internal Events, News & More | 31/01/2018

High Caliber Line is proud to announce (and show off) our new website, branding, and tools!

You may have noticed in our recent emails, social media posts, and flyers, that we’ve been working on freshening up our design to begin to be more user-friendly, and more tastefully designed. Well, you’re right and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing! We’re starting to steer clear of the colorful blue and green color palette of old, and are embracing a new, sleek, dark gray and light blue scheme.


New Logo Design!


As a way to commemorate this new transition in the HCL timeline, we've revamped not only our website, but our entire logo. We feel that this new logo represents our mindset throughout 2017 and so far in 2018, as well as looking forward into the future.

We strive to continue to be the same powerful, top-performing supplier that our loyal customers know us as - and we will continue to be that powerhouse of innovation, inspiration, and affordability. Our new logo embraces the spirit of innovation - moving forward into the world of modern design, with a more approachable, recognizable face.



We’ve changed our navigation!


“Oh no! Everything is different now!” – Probably you.

Well, sometimes different is better. In this case, we definitely think that it is. Our navigation menu now includes a second navigation bar (which we call our “sub-menu”), containing our most important website tools and features (we will go over these tools later in the blog post).



New and improved home page.


Our home page now has more functionality than it did with our previous website – we’ve done away with our static buttons and boring designs in favor of a more useful home page that really feels more like a home, than just another page. We’ve done the research, and you’ve been asking – so we put our four most visited and used pages right on the homepage, below the banner. This makes it easier for you to navigate to where you need to be!

We also added our “Featured Brands” directly to our homepage, so that you can always access our higher-end products at the click of a button. Directly below, to reiterate the importance of our newest items, is our most recently “Just Arrived” products! You’re going to want to keep an eye on this, because’ it’s always going to be changing.

We’ve also introduced a “Testimonials” section! This is where you can hear about our client success stories, and also will give you a chance to review us and show your message on our site. We love it when we get positive reviews!

Check out the home page.



The HCL Blog

HCL BLOGOur blog is our newest feature, which will be a hub of information for new and existing distributors! New distributors can get tips on industry inner workings, read about HCL internal news and events (like High Caliber US. buying High Caliber CA.), see product highlights and ideas, and stay informed on current industry trends! Just in case you don’t have time to constantly check our blog, though, this next feature is something you’re going to love…



 HCL Monthly Newsletter: The Caliber Connection!


Once a month, we’re now going to be sending a newsletter called the Caliber Connection, which will go over everything that’s new in that month. The newsletter will include the most recent blog posts, marketing tips and tricks, employee spotlights, and monthly product highlights!

View the first edition here.



 Product page re-design!


We knew our old product page was getting cluttered, and wasn’t really easy – or fun – to look at. We’ve changed that, and now our product page is easier to view, navigate, and read. Our price grids have been placed inside of a table for easier readability, as has our product information.

Check out our new product page.



 NEW! Create eFlyer.


Head over to any product, and select “Create eFlyer” under “Marketing Tools”. This will open a new page, where you can change the description, pricing, name of the item, etc., and add your company logo (in jpg, pdf, or jpeg format), and pick a background color. Then, you can either download the flyer as a PDF, or you can send it to someone via email. This new tool is really going to be a game changer.

Try the eFlyer feature for yourself.



 NEW! Imprint methods information.


Our sub-menu has a new page, called “Imprint Methods”. This is a place where you can go to read more about our processes. In the future, we plan on creating 1-2 minute videos for each process – and as soon as that’s done, we will let you know in the Promo Buzz!

Check out the imprint methods.



 NEW! Marketing Calendar.


Our new marketing calendar is going to be a game changer – we’re sure that many of you reading this post are fully aware of the most important holidays to market within the industry, but still, there are some that don’t. And it always helps to have an online hub of information where you can get everything you need!

Check out the marketing calendar.



 The “Create eCatalog” page has been re-done.


It was clunky, difficult to look at and use, and generally scared new users away. It’s now been streamlined into 4 steps, which are clear and easy to use.

View the eCatalog changes.




 The “Order Status” page has been re-done.

Order Status

Just like the “Create eCatalog” page, the “Order Status” page was difficult to read and understand. I mean, come on, we could have done a lot better! It’s now been simplified into a 3-step process, and you just can’t get confused now.

View the Order Status changes.



If you haven’t already, you should take look around.

Lots of things have changed – but also, they haven’t. We still have the same great deals, the same awesome customer service, and the same helpful tools and features that you’ve come to love. We’ve got a fancy new pair of shoes, but when it comes down to it, we’re still High Caliber, and we’re still innovation pioneers within the promotional product supply industry.


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What do you think of our new site?

Let us know in the comments section below, or by sharing this post on Facebook or Linkedin! Thanks for reading this post - we’re always eager to get feedback from the most important part of HCL culture: you!