Introducing Our New Flyer Templates Tool!

Posted to Internal Events, News & More | 06/03/2018

25+ Flyer Templates At Your Command.

We've been working hard on getting some powerful, impressive, and interesting imagery onto our flyers so that you can stand out more than ever to your customers, in a world where uniqueness is key to success. Now presenting - our Flyer Templates tool!


Search By Industry:

Now you have access to a huge library of interesting and informational creative flyers for use at your fingertips! Filter out product categories to find the flyer that's perfect for your customers.



Search By Event:

Holiday? Graduation? Teacher Appreciation Week? Search for a flyer by event to filter out all of the templates you don't need!



Blind vs. Branded:

You have the option to download either a blind flyer, on which you can superimpose your logo, or you can download the HCL version. It's up to you!



You've got the power of HCL's Marketing team at your fingertips!

With our flyer templates page, it's now easier than ever to send out captivating, informational, and product-oriented flyers to your customers. We plan on growing this page to include an even larger library than it already has, with one flyer for every major holiday and product category. If you like a flyer in the flyer templates section, but would like to change out the products, you can do this in any PDF editing software (such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Reader), or email your sales representative with the requested changes.

We are all looking forward to seeing you put these flyers to good use!