8 Sun-Sational Summer Products You Should Start Selling Now!

Posted to Marketing Tips, Tools & Tricks, Product Highlights & Ideas | 18/04/2018

Summer is coming - are YOU ready?

With Summer just around the bend, it's important now more than ever to start offering some great summer-relevant products to your customers - and, believe us, it's better to approach them with ideas before they start shopping around. Preparing yourself now for the busy season of Summer's selling is going to get you started down the right path to increased sales, and getting off on your best foot for 2019! Read more below to see some of our top picks for summer promotional product offers.


PS. Read all the way to the bottom of this post for a great summer flyer that you can use to market the items on this list. Our flyers are designed with your clients in mind - so feel free to use and distribute as you wish!


#1. The Mist-N-Fan (Item#: T877)

This large flexible fan blade generates the perfect cooling breeze - and, when it's 99+ degrees out, you won't want to be caught without one. The spraying mister bottle attached to the handle can cool the air around you by as much as 30 degrees - wow! The compartment can hold enough water at one time for 500 sprays.


#2. The Cabo Paddle Ball Set (Item#: H220)

Don't ever get caught at a ping pong match without your handy, trusted, secret weapon - a personalized paddle ball set! Impress and intimidate your opponent with this stylish and professionally presented wooden paddle ball set in accompanying case.



#3. The HandsFree SPF 30 Sunscreen (Item#: H601)

The SPF30 Sunscreen with our patented HandsFree Applicator is perfect for sunny summer days. Going into the sun without protection is unsafe - so make sure your customers are prepared with these handy little summer staples. Every time they reach down to apply the sunscreen, they'll be reminded of your brand!



#4. The O2COOL® Logo Necklace Fan (Item#: S304)

Summer can get HOT - trust us, we're based in Southern California. So, we're often faced with a problem during the summer - we want to go out, enjoy the sun, and have fun... but we don't want to leave our air-conditioned houses and offices! The solution! The O2COOL Logo Necklace Fan - a small, wearable, and portable fan with upward-facing cooling action. Now go out - enjoy the sun!



#5. The O2COOL® Mist N' Sip® Hydration Bottle (Item#: S629)

Thirsty? You're covered. Hot? Also covered. With the O2COOL® Mist N' Sip® Hydration Bottle, you can take a sip, then spritz yourself to cool down in the summer heat. This item is the perfect accessory to any athlete, jogger, or... basically, anyone who drinks water and experiences heat.



#6. The Gel Wine Chiller (Item#: T160)

Constructed of pierce-resistant nylon and fitted with two inner gel packs to maintain internal cool temperatures, the Gel Wine Chiller is the perfect wine carrier for summer picnics. It also features an elastic collar to snugly hug the neck of any bottle.



#7. The Boom Boss Wireless Speaker (Item#: T599)

This compact but powerful speaker features both wireless or line-in (cable included) connection. The built in microphone allows device to be used to conduct conversations when paired with a mobile phone - so you can conduct meetings, or just have a hands-free phone conversation. As a small, portable, and reliable Bluetooth speaker, this product is perfect for hanging out with the family on a warm summer day.




#8. The Wrigley Stadium Tote (Item#: B700)

This clear vinyl tote is great for trips to your favorite sporting events to get you through security fast, or for carrying all of your beach/pool supplies. Since it's clear, it's super easy to distinguish which bag is yours when you're chilling on the beach, and wander a little too far from your towel. Just look for the clear bag with all of your belongings in it!


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3. Email the flyer to your customers, or print them out and bring them to your next sales meeting/event!