3 Creative Ideas to Market to the New Generation of Craft Cocktail Enthusiasts

Posted to Marketing Tips, Tools & Tricks, Product Highlights & Ideas | 08/05/2018

The Craft Mixology/Micro-Distillery scene is changing - are you?

Millennials are, as defined by an article by The Atlantic, people born between 1982 and 2004 - which means that some millennials aren't even old enough to drink! So, as a marketer, one might ask: "if some millennials can't even drink, why bother trying a millennial-inclusive approach to my marketing tactics?" - well, consider this: millennials make up 25% of the US. population, and will be an overwhelming 75% of the workforce by 2025. Having grown up in a world where technology makes any and all information available at any given time at formative years of their life, millennials are observed as making highly educated choices when it comes to buying, and tend to favor authentic experiences over "things" - so it's imperative to sell a story over a product.


Millennials command a collective $200 billion in direct spending power, and, unsurprisingly, represent the largest growth segment of the spirits & alcohol market. Does marketing to them sound a little more exciting now?


Let's get to it - here are 3 ways to start marketing to the new generation of cocktail-lovers and spirits-enthusiasts out there.

"You can't sell anything if you can't tell anything" - Beth Comstock.


When it comes to spirits and cocktails, the millennial won't buy just any product - but they will be more than happy to support a business with an authentic story, and promotional products that reflect that: so here are 3 great ways to start a conversation about some cocktail and mixology products with micro-distilleries, micro-breweries, and other spirits-related industry businesses seeking promo products as a form of self-promotion marketing.


#1. Market a "Starter Pack", "Kit", or anything for aspiring mixologists.

Millennials may have the potential to completely sway the entire direction of the US economy simply based off of their buyer profiles, but they are still young, and relatively inexperienced. Because of the influx of digital content and information at their fingertips, they are highly educated - but when it comes to life experiences, they are, generally speaking, lacking. So to market to a millennial audience, appeal to their adventurous side: promote a kit, like our Mixologist Kit. It's a great set of products for both inexperienced mixologists who are seeking to enter the sub-culture, and seasoned bartenders alike. With two different imprinting areas and options, the potential is there to leave a lasting brand impression on a product that will surely become their favorite set of tools.


Millennials love "starter packs", which is a topic that is so ingrained in millennial culture that even their memes sometimes revolve around starter packs. In the words of Patrick Spencer, a Forbes contributor, the core values of millennial culture are defined by 7 central personality traits: Personal Happiness, Passion, Diversity, Sharing, Connection, Social Consciousness, and Discovery. So when a millennial is trying to enter the mixology sub-culture, it's important to catch them and say "Hey, why not try this mixology starter kit?".


#2. Start a conversation about recipes.

Instead of trying to sell a product, and making yourself sound like a paid-programming commercial on television, try engaging the millennial consumer in a conversation about their favorite drink recipes. Getting this topic started will begin to build interest in the culture. As impulsive buyers and experimental adventurers, millennials are quick to jump at the opportunity to create something on their own - just look at the trends of Pinterest DIY projects! Millennials will usually prefer to spend time and effort in creating something, than they would spend money on buying something someone else created for them - it's in their nature.


When interest is at a high, show the intrigued potential customer our 25oz. Manhattan Stainless Steel Shaker, or our similar Boston 25oz. Stainless Steel Shaker which also comes with a glass companion cup. These products highlight the creativity and craft nature of the mixology sub-culture, and enable an end-user to feel their creation "come to life". The multiple imprint locations and options will be sure to leave an impact on the end-users.

#3. Don't forget about our friend, Whiskey!

Whiskey and Bourbon can seem like a tough market to cash in on, due to over-saturation, "snobbishness", and exclusiveness. The Whiskey and Bourbon sub-culture of the Spirits market can sometimes feel very tight-knit and intimidating - especially to a millennial with an unseasoned pallet for these kinds of drinks. But, as exclusive as it may feel, the sub-culture is not to be taken lightly - in 2017, Whiskey & Bourbon distilleries saw a spike in sales when compared to clear drinks, beer, and wines. You know what they say about supply and demand! More and more millennials are trying brown spirits, so start pro-actively engaging with them: they need flasks, they need whiskey stones, they need chilled cups, and they need them ASAP!


As more and more millennials experiment with Whiskey & Bourbon, they need the right tools to experiment in style. Check out the great Whiskey & Bourbon products below for an idea of how to appeal to this market:






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The Chill Stainless Steel Ice Martini Cup

American Football Ice Cubes - Set Of 4

The Craignure Flask Gift Set (6 oz.)

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