5 Must-Have Summer Wine Bags

Posted to Product Highlights & Ideas, Trend Watch | 22/05/2018

Summer Wine Parties & Picnics Are On The Way.

Be the toast of the town by offering these must-have wine totes/bags/chillers with your customers' logos imprinted front and center. If your customer is planning an outdoor corporate event, seminar, or other event with drinks and hors d'oeuvres, don't let them down - let them know about these four practical and stylish wine totes!



#1. The Dual Neoprene Wine Bottle Holder (K899)

Your campaign message becomes the "toast" of town with the dual neoprene wine bottle holder! This convenient, insulated, neoprene, bottle carrying case protects, insulates and keeps cool 2 bottles of wine. With strong, cut-out handles made to easily transport this divided wine carrier, this fantastic favor promotes your brand at any dinner or event. Have your logo or message imprinted now!

Closeout Price: $2.99(R) Min Qty: 250


#2. The 6-Bottle Wine Tote (B610)

Made from 80gsm non-woven material, this ruggedly stylish wine tote has the capacity to hold up to 6 glass wine bottles at any given time, with thick non-woven straps that can withstand the weight of all 6 bottles. This tote features cloth dividers, which serve to keep the glass bottles from clanking around against each-other while you're carrying the bag to the dinner table.

Special Price: $1.99(R) Min Qty: 100




#3. The Insulated Wine Tote (B903)

Keep it classic with this singular wine tote, which features built-in insulated lining that will keep your wine chilled for hours. This tote bag also comes with a side pocket, which is a perfect place to keep corks, corkscrews, or anything else you might take with you to an event/dinner party/picnic. This wine tote makes for the perfect bag for giving wine bottles as a gift.

Special Price: $2.99(R) Min Qty: 100



#4. The Gel Wine Chiller (T160)

This heavy-duty wine chiller and tote is constructed with pierce-resistant nylon, and is fitted with two layers of internal insulation that will keep your wine bottle safe from external temperatures. The elastic-strapped adjustable collar snugly fits around standard wine bottle with a tapered top for maximum exposure to the insulation, effectively keeping wine bottles cooler, longer.

Special Price: $4.99(R) Min Qty: 100




#5. The Gel Wine Tote (B601)

A truly unique wine bottle cooler/carrier. This gel carrier contains water pouches on the surface of the carrier, which can be frozen to turn this carrier into an effective cooler. The pouches also serve to protect the glass bottle from damage while being transported.

Special Price: $2.49(R) Min Qty: 100