4 Promotional Wine Gift Ideas

Posted to Marketing Tips, Tools & Tricks, Product Highlights & Ideas | 12/06/2018

What's the one thing wine aficionados love more than wine?

Gifts... that they can use with their wine. In this post, we're going to explore 4 great options for promotional printing wine gifts! We're going to take into account quality, cost, usefulness, and aesthetic - so, let's get to it. here are 4 great promotional wine gift ideas that you can buy right here, on High Caliber Line.


The Ibiza Crystal Decanter (Item#: S619)

The Ibiza Lead-Free Crystal Decanter holds 48 ounces of wine - and trust us, whether your customer is into Cabernet, Bordeaux, Malbec, or Syrah, this decanter is a true show-stopper. Distinguished by its artistic elongated design, it accentuates the highest caliber of sophistication. The Ibiza Crystal Decanter's unique style allows for an ergonomic handle for easy pouring. This decanter is more than a centerpiece to any event, gift, or award presentation.This decanter brings out the maximum flavor and aroma in the wine it hosts.

At the special limited-time price of $18.99(R), don't skimp out on elegance for your customer's next wine-related promotion.

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The Tuscany Wine Set (Item#: A1718)

The Tuscany Wine Set is a truly elegant, classic take on the standard collection of wine accessories for any high-end gift giving event or award ceremony. The Tuscany Wine Set includes a reliable bottle cuff, sturdy metal bottle stopper and contemporary metal/wood-grain bottle opener. Packaged in a gorgeous rosewood box with gold trim, your customer's artwork can be imprinted on their choice of Silver or Brass Gold plate. You also have the option to add a full color epoxy dome, for an additional $0.90(V)!

The Tuscany Wine Set is definitely one of gifts on this list that is going to get you the most bang for your buck, because it clocks in at a meager $9.99(R) throughout the duration of our promotional overstock special!

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A1719_Group_ThumbnailThe Parisian Wine Set (Item#: A1719)

The Parisian Wine Set has a modern Rabbit-style wine bottle opener, and a minimalist foil cutter + an extra corkscrew for your bottle opener, this rosewood box gift set is a higher-end option for customers who cannot afford anything less than the highest quality promotional product for their wine-related event. The laser-etched metal plate ensures a sense of elegance and professionalism when your customer hands these out at their award ceremony, wedding, or executive retreat.

As a higher-end wine item, this promotional gift set is a stunning value at $14.99(R) throughout the duration of our promotional overstock special - so act now! Like the Tuscany Wine Set, you also have the option to add a full color epoxy dome, for an additional $0.90(V).

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A1721_Group_ThumbnailThe Marseille Wine Set (Item#: A1721)

Don't act like you weren't waiting for this one! The Marseille Wine Set is the most affordable promotional wine gift set on this list, although you would never be able to tell by just looking at this elegant, tastefully designed contemporary gift set. The Marseille Wine Set includes an all-metal waiter’s corkscrew, and wine bottle stopper. Like the Parisian Wine Set above, this set also includes an easy foil cutter, and also includes and drip ring that snugly fits over the neck of any standard-sized wine bottle to prevent dripping.

Packaged in an elegant black gift box, it's hard to tell that this great wine gift set will set you back a mere $4.99(R) - a price that you can only take advantage of throughout the duration of our promotional overstock sale! Like the Tuscany Wine Set & the Parisian Wine Set, you also have the option to add a full color epoxy dome, for an additional $0.90(V).

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