3 Incredible Promotional Sunglasses For $0.99!

Posted to Product Highlights & Ideas, Trend Watch | 21/06/2018

Sunglasses are a summer necessity - and for your customer's brand, an extremely useful marketing tool!

Consider this: as many as 85% of consumers can recall the brand whose name is imprinted on a promotional product that they own, and about 87% of those same consumers will keep their promotional products for well over a year! With statistics like that, and with summer already here, it only makes sense that distributors should be promoting sunglasses as a means of marketing their clients.

Below are a few of our most unique pairs of promotional sunglasses that are sure to stand out to your customers!



Aviator Sunglasses (Item#: J632)

Aviators are making a comeback! Keep it classy with these promotional Aviator Sunglasses - perfect for promotional giveaways. These stylish frames are made from a strong poly-carbonate material, and feature UV 400 ultraviolet light-blocking lenses. Soar above the competition with these promotional Aviator Sunglasses!



Collapsible Frame Retro Sunglasses (Item#: J621)

These one-of-a-kind folding adult-size sunglasses feature compact design, ease of use, and vintage style reminiscent of the 80's. Our Collapsible Frame Retro Sunglasses make a perfect gift or giveaway item for retro/summertime promotions, parties, and other events! These glasses feature UV 400 ultraviolet light-blocking lenses for protection against ultraviolet rays.



Color Changing Sunglasses (Item#: J630)

Talk about fun in the sun! Our Color Changing Sunglasses gradually shift from a bright yellow/clear to a darker blue when they come into contact with UV light - making them great novelty gifts and giveaways from summertime parties! These glasses also feature UV 400 ultraviolet light-blocking lenses, so your customers don't have to worry about the damaging rays of the sun.