New Feature: The HCL Make An Offer Program

Posted to Internal Events, News & More, Marketing Tips, Tools & Tricks | 17/07/2018

A Brand-New Promotional Sales Tool...

Built for you, with your customers in mind. Read more below to find out all about our new Make An Offer Program, and how you can make the most out of it in order to negotiate the best promotional pricing possible on all HCL Xtreme Closeout items!


Introducing The Latest HCL Marketing Tool: The HCL Make An Offer Program.

High Caliber Line continues to lead the promotional products industry in innovation and customer-centric sales tools! We are proud to unveil the latest in our already strong arsenal of tools for your convenience. Finding the best prices on closeout promotional products has never been easier, now that you can negotiate directly with Daniel Oas, the CEO and Founder of High Caliber Line.


Daniel OasAbout Dan:

Daniel Oas founded this company on the basis of low cost fast moving items. He loves to blow out Closeouts and Overstock items to make room for the new stock. With this new feature, we are taking this to a new level to offer you a truly High Caliber Line experience!




A Direct Product Pricing Negotiation Experience:

This new feature allows for infinite possibilities, and opens up a whole new level of promotional savings! By negotiating closeout pricing directly with Dan, you are guaranteed the lowest possible price point for your customer's promotional items! Negotiating your pricing is as easy as "1, 2, 3" with our new Make An Offer program:

1. Visit an Xtreme Closeout item, and click on the blue "Make An Offer" button. All of our closeouts feature this button directly below the pricing information.

2. Once the "Make An Offer" window appears on your screen, be sure to fill in all of the necessary information. To process your offer, we will need your name, email, company, ASI/PPAI/SAGE number, and product color/quantity.

3. Enter your offer amount! With this experimental new program, you have the ability to name your own price on Xtreme Closeout items, and negotiate directly with our CEO. Once your offer is submitted, Dan will review it, and either approve your offer, or respond with a counter-offer!


Make An Offer Program: Tips & Tricks for Optimal Closeout Pricing Negotiations

To make the most out of this revolutionary new feature of our website and pricing setup, it's important to know all of the best methods to score you the lowest price possible on an item. Here are some of the best tips and tricks, directly from our CEO and our Internal Sales department:

1. Stock Up! When you're looking for a great deal on closeout items, it's important to keep in mind that our main goal is to clear that entire SKU - so the more items you order of a particular closeout, the lower we are willing to let go of that item for! Be as aggressive as you can with high-inventory closeouts, especially when you want to claim all of the inventory of that item in any given color, or combination of colors.

2. Stay Informed! High Caliber Line sends out marketing emails every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday - but our best deals are usually reserved for our "Fantastic Friday" emails. Watch out for "Fantastic Friday" in your inbox, because you can most definitely combine our email promotions with the Make An Offer program to get a seriously low price! Combine this technique with the method mentioned above, and you're well on your way to an awesome deal!

3. Take Advantage Of Multiple Promotions Of The Same Product! If you notice that we are running a specific promotion on a closeout product for a long period of time, or have sent out two emails about that product in the last 3 weeks, then chances are that we really want to get rid of that SKU's inventory. Take advantage of that, and make an aggressive offer for that item, and we're very likely to respond in your favor. With this method, you could easily turn a $2.99(R) item into a $0.99(R) item!




A Distributor Offer Success Story

This feature has only been live for a week, and yet our most loyal and highest-performing distributor clients are already figuring out how to make the HCL Make An Offer Program work wonders for them, and keep their clients with tight budgets happy! Read below for an example of how you can replicate their successes, and start negotiating the best closeout pricing available (names of Companies and Individuals have been changed for confidentiality):

Catherine Sherman of Sherman Discount Promos contacted High Caliber Line recently, regarding an order placed by one of her customers. Her client, who was known for being a very fickle decision maker, needed a cheap but reliable tech item for a giveaway kit. The kits were being handed out to students at Cornell University, in Ithaca, New York, as part of an educational event for raising awareness of electrical outages during this summer's heat waves (which are, by the way, no joke). The clever solution-finder that Catherine is, she already knew about our promotion on The Power Bank Bar (Item#: T299), and pitched it to her client, along with a few other items in a brief virtual presentation. Of course, her client loved the concept, and by using our "Make An Offer" tool, Catherine was able to completely wipe out our inventory in one of the colors of this product!