The DDP Upgrade Program: Free DDP Upgrade On All Xtreme Closeouts!

Posted to Internal Events, News & More | 24/07/2018

Yep, you heard that right - you can now upgrade all Xtreme Closeout items to DDP for FREE!

We're excited to announce that we are now offering a free upgrade to DDP (Digital Direct Printing) on all closeout items for absolutely free - meaning that your 2, 3, 4, or more-color orders will all have the same run & setup charges as 1-color prints! No strings attached - just order an Xtreme Closeout item that is DDP-enabled, and we will upgrade your order to a DDP order for free. Simple, isn't it?

How can you qualify?

Order a closeout item that has DDP compatibility. That's literally it. Click here to view all DDP Closeouts. The DDP Upgrade Program is a new program that we are implementing to enable us to free up SKU's, and in turn continue to offer you the best possible deal on certain specialized promotional products, so that you can get the most bang for your buck!


Why DDP, and why now?

We've recently invested in new machinery that allows us to increase our printing capacity tenfold, and are extending this exciting new offer to you to promote DDP as an imprint service! This new program is also intended to help us clear out existing closeout items and completely obliterate stock in old SKU's so that we have more room for newer promotional products that your customers are going to love.


When will the DDP Upgrade Program end?

This program will last for as long as we have closeout items! There is no end-date, no expiration, and no limitations on the types of closeouts that this offer can be applied to (other than the fact that the closeout must be a DDP-enabled item). From this point on, all DDP closeouts will automatically include a free upgrade option! Make sure to ask your High Caliber Line representative about our DDP upgrade program, and


Can I opt out of DDP and still use Pad Printing, or Screen Printing?

Definitely! If you're a fan of traditional printing methods, and like the old-fashioned look & feel of a classically screen-printed item, then you're more than entitled to retaining that imprint option. You won't be missing out on anything - you are still going to be getting the same High Caliber Line quality, and the same setup charge of $55(v) - the only difference is that if your artwork contains more than one color, you will need to pay an additional $0.30(v)/pc per color - whereas with a DDP printed product, you can print an unlimited amount of colors onto your product with our Full Color printing process!


A special offer for Platinum+ Members only - Free DDP Upgrade On ALL ITEMS!

As an extension of our DDP Upgrade Program, we are also offering a free DDP Upgrade on ALL ITEMS to qualifying customers who are members of our Platinum+ group! If you're a Platinum+ buyer and you've made it this far into our blog post, then congratulations, you now have access to upgrade all of your orders for qualifying products to DDP - at no charge whatsoever! Click here for a link to all DDP-enabled products.