i.d.CITY - Your One Stop Badge & I.D. Shop!

Posted to Product Highlights & Ideas, Uncategorized | 10/10/2018

Security. Trade shows. Corporate seminars. Store membership tags. Luggage I.Ds & More

High Caliber Line is proud to present i.d.CITY, a robust program offering full-color, personalized badges, key tags and luggage tags. Just a few of the applications our badges have and the only limit is your imagination!

How are i.d.CITY's Badges Printed?

Our I.D. blanks are constructed of high-impact plastic and die-cut to dimensions depending on the application.

High Caliber Line uses a full-color printing process that is efficient, fast and inexpensive, providing vibrant artwork on your badges or tags at a price your company will love. The only limit is your imagination!

Some badges can be attached to a plastic retractable Badge Holder without a sleeve, fixed with a beaded chain or paired with one of our clear ID Badge Holder sleeves and a Lanyard, while some of our name badges can be attached with magnet backs for maximum professional presentation.

All our badges and tags are produced in-house, for great quality control and processing.


So When Can You Order?

Right now! Call your High Caliber Line representative today to learn more about pricing, badge options and more!