What is a mold, when do you need it and what is involved in the mold process?

A “mold” is a hollow container the factory utilizes to create or give shape to an item.

A mold will be required if an item doesn’t exist and you want to go from conception straight to production.  A mold may also be necessary if High Caliber Line is unable to find the requested item from a factory that has the requested item manufactured or something very similar to it that meets your approval.

In order to create a mold, you must provide clear sketches and drawings of the item in order to create I as well as dimensions and all other features the item may have.


How much is a mold and what is the minimum order quantity?

The mold charge will never be fixed, since each item is unique in its own way. The factory that High Caliber Line chooses to work with will provide a detailed quote outlining all the costs involved in producing the mold.


How long would it take to do a custom order with a mold?

There are different stages to the mold process and will vary pending on the item. 

-Sketch/Drawing time: 3~5 days. 

-Hand sample which is a sample made prior to producing the actual mold being produced to ensure the specs are correct: 2 weeks after sketch is approved.

-Actual mold production time: Typically about 4 weeks after hand sample is approved.

-Pre-production sample time: 1~2 weeks after mold is done

-Actual production time: 8~10 weeks Ocean or 5 weeks Air.

However, there are always special cases where it may take longer to produce the mold due to the complexity of the item.


Would I have to pay for mold and a setup charge?

Yes, of course.  High Caliber Line will need to charge the customer a mold charge as well as a setup charge to print the goods. (Unless the items requested are blanks). 


If the mold has already been produced, can I cancel the order?

Yes, you can, but if the mold has already been produced, you will be held financially responsible for those costs incurred up to that point.