What is Sourcing at High Caliber Line?

Sourcing is a department within High Caliber Line dedicated to providing distributors with custom import solutions.  We do this by focusing on two main areas:

- Overseas sourcing of modified High Caliber Line catalog items.

- Overseas sourcing of completely custom items not carried through High Caliber Line.


What are the advantages of Sourcing custom items through High Caliber Line?

The greatest advantage of sourcing through High Caliber is our purchasing power.  This is largely due to High Caliber’s extensive knowledge of the Chinese manufacturing industry and an established presence through our China office overseas.

High Caliber’s CEO, Dan Oas, also makes 2-3 trips a year to China.  Visiting manufacturers and attending various trade shows, reinforcing existing relationships with suppliers as well as developing new and prosperous ones.  High Caliber Line also provides you with a dedicated sourcing manager, James Wu.  James has been with High Caliber for over 10 years and is not only bi-lingual, but is also western educated; effectively bridging the language and cultural gap between the expectations and demands of our customers and capabilities of the factory.

High Caliber Line offers several fulfillment options to compliment (if necessary) your sourcing needs.  Two of these fulfillment options include “vendor owned inventory” and “distributor owned inventory.”  Both of these options enable our customers to store goods either on the west coast via our Irwindale, CA location or in the mid-west through our Carrolton, TX location.


Who can request a “Sourcing” quote from High Caliber Line?

Any distributor registered as a customer with High Caliber Line can request a quote.  For assistance in setting up a distributor account with High Caliber Line, please contact High Caliber Line at sourcing@highcaliberline.com. If you are an end-user, please contact a promotional products distributor for further assistance.


What is the minimum quantity when sourcing a custom item?

A general rule of thumb is 5,000 pieces, however this may vary depending primarily on the cost of the item and costs involved to produce that item.


How long will it take to get a custom quote?

Standard quotes can be delivered in 24-48 hours and is valid for 30 days, unless otherwise indicated.


How long will it take to produce an item overseas?       

Allow a minimum of 30-45 days for air production and 60-90 days for ocean production. Production time will vary, and may exceed these time frames depending on a variety of variables (the item, quantity, if a mold is needed etc). An estimated production and shipping schedule will be provided with each quote. Production begins after all approvals (Order acknowledgement, credit, proof approval, pre-pro approval etc).


How does logistics work with overseas sourcing orders?

Our logistics team brings extensive expertise in ocean and inland shipping as well as managing projects though the customs process. Drawing from a network of vessel and air providers, our logistics team offers tracking capability as well as problem resolution and customer support. Should clients desire to have product delivered to door, need short-term warehousing or fulfillment services, High Caliber can coordinate this seamlessly with a variety of experienced providers. Our knowledge of duty rates is not only helpful in pricing import product, but our expertise on custom requirements and processes can assist you in designing your product to minimize aggravating and costly delays at port.


What items cannot be sourced through High Caliber Line?

High Caliber Line will attempt to quote all sourcing requests, and will inform you if a project cannot be quoted, but only after exploring every resource available to us.